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Alligator Alley, Fl


As a child, I had an appreciation of nature and God's intricate creations.
I loved the smell of a brisk, salty ocean breeze and the feel of wet sand squishing between my toes.

My girlfriend and I enjoyed sitting by the dunes, watching the brilliant sunset colors being painted in the cloudy evening sky, and lying back in the cool grass and staring up at the millions of stars or a huge full moon on a chilly summer night.

I remember wishing that I could somehow freeze those moments in time, to be able to enjoy them forever, never imagining that I would eventually become a nature photographer.
I now have the ability to capture those moments, savor them, and share them with others all around the world, through digital photography and this wonderful thing called the internet.

Thank you for your interest in my photography.
God Bless You and may He reveal his love for you in a special way.

All of the wild animals displayed here are photographed in their natural habitat, not in a zoo or captivity.

Images and descriptions are Copyright Al Powell Photography, U.S.A. All rights reserved.

' When the occasion arises, you should go explore;
an abundance of surprises is what nature has in store.'

~Al Powell~


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